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We are proud to announce the launch of the
to identify well-qualified openly LGBT candidates for government-appointed positions. 

The Miami Appointments Project serves as the talent bank for openly LGBT professionals, retirees, and young people seeking appointed positions in local, county, or state government. If you've ever considered serving in government now is the time to start thinking about whether you have what it takes to work to improve our community as a whole.  Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, if you have ever considered public service, now is the time to share your expertise and give our community a voice at the table.

Appointed officials have the power to set or influence the policies of the many city, county, and state departments and administrative agencies.  As an example, Miami-Dade County Mayor, Carlos Gimenez, is continually assembling a staff of top-notch people to address the challenges and shape the future of this great metropolis. 

The MIAMI APPOINTMENTS PROJECT is a collaborative effort between SAVE Dade, the Victory Fund’s Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute, as well as community leaders of local organization, and seeks to recruit and engage qualified members of the LGBT community to serve Miami-Dade County. The MIAMI APPOINTMENTS PROJECT has already established working relationships with the leading elected officials. 

For more answers to common questions about the Miami Appointments Project, read the Frequently Asked Questions. Once you’re ready send us your credentials!

Before applying, please read the instructions here.  Then apply here.

If you have specific questions, read the Appointments Project FAQ, or send us an email at .

The MIAMI APPOINTMENTS PROJECT is modeled after and builds upon the highly successful Presidential Appointments Project of the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute that has led to the appointment of more than 150 LGBT people in the Obama Administration.

All information submitted to The MIAMI APPOINTMENTS PROJECT will not remain confidential. Any applicant under consideration for appointment will be contacted directly by the government entity overseeing the appointment and not by The MIAMI APPOINTMENTS PROJECT. The Project has no authority or official role with respect to the selection or appointment by any elected official. Participation in this program does not mean that the Project will recommend anyone for any position or that applicants will in any way be advantaged in the appointment or nomination process for any such position. 

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